Big Bounce inflates in Bakersfield


Alexandra Apatiga

A mother and her son enjoying one of the themed zones inside the Big Bounce American bounce house at Hart Park.

Alexandra Apatiga, Reporter

This past weekend, the Big Bounce America Tour found its way to Bakersfield as the world’s largest bounce house was set up at Hart Park for a three-day weekend event.

At 10,500 square feet, and made up of five individual, 1-ton sections that connect, the inflatable bounce house began its debut tour across the United States earlier this July in Grand Rapids, MI.It has since made its way toCalifornia and will cross Texasbefore ending its tour in Floridain early November. Bakersfieldwas the tenth city in a 15 citytour, with the bounce house opento the public from Sept. 29 toOct. 1.

Molly Truszinski, an administrator for Big Bounce America, shared what inspired the bounce house and their overall goal in bringing the world’s largest bounce house to the United States.

According to Truszinski, it was two Scotsmen who had the idea of creating a bounce house large enough that adults and their children could have fun together. “They both had 10 years of experience in the entertainment industry and saw an opportunity to create a family-friendly environment while also accomplishing a huge achievement.”

Truszinski said, “Our goal is to create a long lasting experience for families and their children, and to create memories that’ll be looked back on for years to come.”

She explained that each city selected by the Big Bounce had high levels of community involvement. “It’s always fun to watch parents enter the bounce house looking all serious, only for them to start bouncing along with their children minutes later with huge smiles on their faces.”

Every city that the Big Bounce has visited so far has sold out, with each city holding three-day weekend events. According to Truszinski, they hold around 20 one-hour sessions in a weekend, with up to 200 people attending in only one session. In total, the world’s largest bounce house sees up to 4,000 people within a given weekend.

“The amount of people who come out to see and participate shows how popular our bounce house is,” says Truszinski. “We’re already planning on releasing a second bounce house, along with the first, to travel simultaneously across the U.S. for our 2018 tour.”

Truszinski says that during their second tour, they plan on visiting between 40 to 50 cities, almost triple the first tour, and instead of only being held during the summer, the Big Bounce America Tour will be touring year-round.