‘The Book of Liz’ makes BC students laugh


Jenny Brito

Sister Liz, played by Kristina Saldana, is informed that she will have to wear short skirts in order to become a manager.

Jenny Brito, Reporter

The Empty Space Theater premiered its latest play, “The Book of Liz,” on Nov. 10 at 8 p.m.
“The Book of Liz” lasted 80 minutes without intermissions, yet time seemed to fly by for audience members who could not stop laughing at the story of Sister Elizabeth Donderstock.
Sister Liz, played by Kristina Saldana, makes the cheese balls that sustain the existence of her religious community, Clusterhaven.
Saldana managed to keep the audience delighted with her portrayal of a girl who is both scared yet adventurous at times.
Sister Liz began to feel unappreciated after Reverent Tollhouse, portrayed by Steve Evans, brought another man to the community and claimed that he could do a better job without all the bickering of Liz. Brother Nathaniel Brightbee, played by Paul Sosa, soon took over the job that Liz had been doing her whole life.
Feeling frustrated, Liz decided to leave her home. The play focuses on life outside of a religious community, and how it impacted Sister Liz.
On her adventures, she met Oxana, portrayed by actress Angela Poncetta, who helped her find a job as a waitress.

Jenny Brito
Reverent Tollhouse (Steve Evans) and Brother Brightbee (Paul Sosa) stare in frustration as Sister Constance Butterworth (Joyce Weingarden) talks nonstop about Liz and cheeseballs.

Liz then worked as a waitress and was eventually promoted to a manager position. However, becoming a manager would require that she wear a short skirt, which went against her religion.
She is then faced with a difficult decision: should she sacrifice her values so that she can succeed in her new home? Would things change if she went back home?

Actors Steve Evans and Paul Sosa enact a scene featuring Reverent Tollhouse and Brother Nathaniel Brightbee.

These questions are hilariously answered as the play develops.
Written by Amy and David Sedaris, and directed by Michael Pawloski, “The Book of Liz” will be playing at the Empty Space until Nov. 18.