Bakersfield residents enjoy a day filled with pizza and beer at festival


Fatima Lopez

Thomas Powell, Denise Powell, and Shanon Sutton are in the spirit of Pizza and Beer Fest with their unique hats

Diana Coronado, Reporter

For some there is no better combination that a few cold beers with the company of some pizza. The Pizza and Beer Festival was held Jan 20 in Bakersfield at the Kern County Museum.

The event featured some of the top selling pizza restaurants in town, which were paired with new beer flavors you wouldn’t typically find just anywhere. Guests were able to enjoy some music, play some games with friends, and best of all share some good laughs with the company of some pizza and all the beer they could drink.

As soon as the event started lines formed for the pizza and beer tasting and lasted until the end. Milan’s Market Woodfire Pizza seemed to be the most favored, seeing how the line was by far the longest and lasted the whole event. The Pesto pizza was one of the most popular pizzas.

Julia Santarcangelo, 49, said, “I personally prefer my pizza freshly made so the fact it was cooked to order made it that much better.”

The Hanger 24 Banana beer was the most popular out of the rest. Everyone interviewed suggested trying it. Several people said how delicious and smoothing the flavor of the beer was. People seemed to really enjoy the unique taste of banana and beer. Jaime Guerra, who was one of the vendors working the event for Hanger 24, said, “Banana beer seems to be very popular, it was most of the guests’ favorite beer out of all.”

BC student Bobbie Lomeli, commented on how Julian’s Cherry beer was delicious with its sweet and unique taste.

Although the event seemed to be an overall success, there were a few people who had some concerns about what it lacked. David Santarcangelo, 55, said, “It was a little disappointing. They needed to be a little more organized. Everything was sort of all over the place.”

There were several other people who stated they really enjoyed the event and had a great time.