The Sudden Heroes Masquerade Ball honors victims of the Las Vegas shooting


Fatima Lopez

Rita Michelle, producer of the Sudden Heroes film and coordinator of the fundraiser which was held on March 3. At The Mark.

Diana Coronado, Reporter

On Saturday, Feb 3 a night to remember and honor the victims of the Las Vegas shooting was held at The Mark Restaurant.

The Sudden Heroes Masquerade Ball hosted by Rita Michelle.

Michelle created the film Sudden Heroes, to bring awareness to the Las Vegas shooting and pledged that all proceeds made from it would be donated to a victim’s fund.

The event was a black and white attire where guests were able to enjoy music, eat some appetizers, and sample wine.

A trailer of the film was shown to the audience that showed actual footage from the horrific shooting.

Kimberly Rowe was a survivor herself and she opened up about how she felt.

“I’m glad everyone is coming together to show what we went through, proud to be a part of this community that shows support to such an important topic.” Rowe said.  “It is still hard to go through.”

Fatima Lopez
Survivors of the Las Vegas shooting come together to be honored at the Sudden Heroes Masquerade Ball fundraiser.

Rowe shared how she strongly feels teachers shouldn’t carry guns in classrooms, she also mentioned how she’s a Special Education teacher, and she feels her student would be emotionally triggered if they were ever in that situation.

Hostess Michelle expressed how important this fundraiser is to her because one of her family members died at the shooting.

“Family member was a victim, I wanted to do everything I could to help them, using my knowledge in film making was a good way to honor victims.” she said.

She commented on how important it is to her that the event is not forgotten even though it happened 5 months ago the victims still have to cope with it every single day.

Towards the end of the night Michelle discussed their next fundraiser will be a golf tournament on April 6 that will be held at the Buena Vista Golf Course.

For more information people can visit their website