“Three Sisters” plays local


Sabrina Lopez

The Three Sisters from L to R: Masha Sergeyevna (Mariah Bathe), Olga Sergeyevna (Cody Ganger), and Irina Sergeyevna (Brittany Beaver).

Diana Coronado, Reporter

The play “Three Sisters” made its way to Bakersfield on Saturday night, March 17 at The Empty Space. It was originally written by Anthon Chekhov in the late 1900s.

His love and desire to return to his beloved Moscow is brought to life through his characters, as the three sisters hoped to one-day return to the Moscow after being away for so many years.

In the first act the family is introduced Olga, Masha, Irina, and Andrei their brother. Their father passes away, but is brought up a lot with fond memories.

They grew up in Moscow, but have lived in a small town in Russia for the past 11 years, ever since their father brought them when they were younger.

The siblings are not happy with their lives, Olga (Cody Ganger, also director of play) is a high school teacher, but her work brings her no satisfaction, and feels her life just slipping away. Masha (Mariah Bathe) marries Fyodor llyich Kulygin (Karl Wade), he loves her very much, at first she found him very smart and interesting. As the years gone by she has grown bored with her married life.

Irina (Brittany Beaver) is the youngest one, as the play starts with her birthday of 20 years she hopes to find true love one day and have a successful job. Then there is their brother Andrei (Nolan Long), who hopes to one day become a university professor, but becomes a small town clerk. He soon becomes an alcoholic with a gambling problem, in the mix of all of that he marries his longtime girlfriend Natasha Ivanovna (Shelbe McClain), who his sisters can’t stand because of her nasty attitude.

Sabrina Lopez
The Empty Space showing begin Mar. 16 to Mar. 31 Fridays and Saturdays at 8p.m.

During Irina’s birthday old family friend of their father Officer Alexander Ignatyevich Vershinin (Rikk Cheshire) pays them a visit after so many years. Meeting Masha, now an adult an attraction between the both grew and eventually turned into love. Even though the both were in unhappy marriages, they couldn’t help but act on their feelings and have an affair.

From there the affair leads to a pregnancy that is hidden, the baby girl is raised by her brother and his wife as a child of their own.

Irina still unsatisfied with her job chooses over the years, and her hopes for finding true love decides to settle for marrying Baron Nikolai Lvovich Tuzenbach (Matthew Prewitt), who has been after her for years. Unfortunately, on the day they are supposed to get married he is shot in a duel.

At the end of the play the sisters are pretty much evicted from their own home, which Natasha takes over the household. As the sisters end this chapter of their lives, they go into a new direction with an open mind, yet they are still sad they were never able to return to their home town Moscow.

“I loved this play, every time you think nothing else can happen, they hit us with an unexpected affair, this play is certainly one with a twist in every turn.” audience member Grecia Bustos said.

“Even though the play ended on a sad note, it showed us that in every bad situation it is important to find a bright side because live moves on, and we have to move with it.” Shantal Alvaro said.