Kings, queens, and jesters for a weekend


Paige Atkison

Medieval enthusiast, Mike Scott, attends the Medieval California Festival in full costume.

Paige Atkison, Reporter

Kings, queens, pirates, and court jesters gathered together for the annual Medieval California Festival on Saturday, April 21.

The event began as “King Charles” and “Queen Caroline” lead a royal procession of over 100 medieval warriors. The festival royalty greeted each of the festival goers as they entered the fairgrounds.

As more attendees and families piled in, actors from the group “Horseman of the Judgement Keep” prepared to perform a lifelike medieval battle with 75 actors.

A musician from the Renaissance-themed musical group “Joust Kidding” poses during a live performance at the Medieval California Festival.

The largest crowds gathered for jousts and full-contact battle shows. There were three joust shows, each drawing large crowds packed with families.

The festival had shows and activities for young children as well as adults.

The acting troupe “Under the Black Flag” is a professional pirate crew from Oregon. Their show includes a 40-foot pirate ship on which the crew acts out battles. The actors demonstrated fighting techniques for the children and lead them in multiple battles.

While kids played at “Under the Black Flag,” the adults gathered to watch the “Armored Combat League.” This group of actors included a live combat show, in which the actors use real swords and armor during the show.

In between shows, festival goers meandered around the over 100 vendors. Many of the vendors were Medieval and Renaissance themed, selling handmade swords, goblets, and shields.

The festival commenced with arm-wrestling contest, costume contests, and medieval music.