The Beach Boys and John Stamos perform at the Kern County Fair

Charr Davenport, Reporter

The Beach Boys, along with special guest John Stamos, played the Kern County Fair on Sept. 19 to an overflowing crowd. The Budweiser Pavilion hosted the classic surf band to hundreds, if not thousands, of fans, both of The Beach Boys and of John Stamos.

Charr Davenport
The Beach Boys are the first band to play the Budweiser Pavilion stage at the fair this year.

People were climbing trees, standing on ladders, and hoisting each other on their shoulders to catch a glimpse of the band as they played classics like “God Only Knows” and “Surfin’ USA.” Stamos also played his song “Forever” to the adorning crowd.

“John Stamos was really dreamy,” said Riley Quinn, a high school student from Kern Valley. “He made my heart melt. I love Uncle Jesse.”

Many people shared Quinn’s enthusiasm throughout the night. Adult men and women everywhere yelling “Uncle Jesse.”

But some people didn’t seem to get the memo.

“I actually have no idea who Uncle Jesse is,” Katie Taylor, 16, said. “But I like The Beach Boys. The Beach Boys made me feel like surfing even though I can’t surf.”

Taylor’s mom, Caroline Taylor, had a different view however. “I like The Beach Boys, but they’re kind of boring live. It gets old fast. It is cool seeing John Stamos, though.”

The Beach Boys and John Stamos are just one of dozens of artists featured at the Kern County Fair this year.