BC’s Agriculture career expo gives students insight to the AG industry


Laura Lanfray

A representative from the Quinn Company holds the student’s attention with an insider’s take on the tractors.

Laura Lanfray, Reporter

Agriculture students from all around Bakersfield were treated to a glimpse of the future of agriculture through Bakersfield College’s Agriculture Career Expo on Oct. 19.

The event featured representatives from various organizations in the agriculture industry including Cal Poly, Quinn Cat, Bakersfield College’s own Agriculture ambassadors, Wonderful Co. And many others.

Agriculture is such a large part of the Central Valley, and this expo was all about helping these students find a place to go after graduation. 

Maritza Macias, a student at Mira Monte High School, was excited that such an event was brought together for students as she thought it gave them an idea of what is to come and help some students decide where they want to focus their studies for the future.

“Especially for students who are indecisive,” Maritza said. “It’s a great idea.”

Laura Lanfray
BC and high school students from around town stop and look at the resource booths on Friday Oct. 19 on the Gym Huddle at Bakersfield College.
Laura Lanfray
Bakersfield College Ag Ambassadors man their booth at the Agriculture Career Expo on Friday, Oct. 19.
Laura Lanfray
Students were given the chance to climb aboard the large Quinn Cat tractors to get hands on experience with the machines.

Another high school student, Odysela Vasquez, was not so much interested in the agriculture aspect of the expo, but still found that there were resources like Job Fest that could help her find a job.

“It’s a nice idea to just turn in your resume, and they get you a job,” Odysela said.

Most incoming students at Bakersfield College will begin their college careers as “undecided” majors. Resource fairs and expos are meant to help these young students find something of interest and potentially pursue a career in such a field.

Many of the students were even encouraged to climb aboard the massive Quinn Cat tractors that were on display all across the gym huddle. 

The Quinn Company representatives handled the held student’s attention as they discussed the inner workings of the machines and many aspects of the industry. 

The students climbed aboard to get up close and personal with the machines. Getting the chance to climb aboard the tractors helps to prepare the students for any future work involving them.

Some of the representatives offer the students workshops or programs to help get them in the right headspace for the jobs they would be working. For example, Amabel Price, the representative for the Wonderful Pistachio Company hoped to recruit students for their leadership programs that involve a six-month rotation of different students to help them acquire business exposure.

“We love coming out to the events and familiarizing ourselves with the students.” Price said.