BC honors veterans, provides care packages

Ruben Lira, Reporter

Ruben Lira
The Veterans Center waiting for more donations.

As part of Veterans week at Bakersfield College, the Veterans Center held a care package drop off zone, “Operation Not Forgotten” on Nov. 8 in front of the Administration building.

Donations were taken to send to troops overseas who are fighting and can expect to have a care package before Christmas.

A care package contains goods that include hygiene products, snacks, and supplies that would be sent out to those who are deployed.

Donations included items from home, ramen, wipes, hand sanitizer, and much more. The Vets Center also accepted cards and letters of support to the troops as well. The Boy Scouts of America donated 300 bags of caramel popcorn.

Ruben Lira
Blue Star Moms representative Karen Gaylen helping the Veterans Center.

The Veterans Center worked in collaboration with Blue Star Moms to take in any donation that came in. 

Blue Star Moms are a support group for mothers who have children who were deployed or are deployed. They are part of chapter 37 of the Bakersfield Chapter.

Karen Gaylen, a representative for the Blue Star Moms, said that they were at the event for a few hours.

“We help with the stand down and the drop zone, anything to do with veterans. We help to facilitate them with care packages,” Gaylen said.

The Blue Star Moms helped make and send the care packages to the troops.

Ruben Lira
Donated goods for the troops care package.

Mario Velasquez, a student at BC as well as the treasurer for the Veterans Center, was at the location to help with managing donations. He also answered questions about what they are doing and what can be donated.

“We have been doing this for two to three years. Today is not so bad as we have gotten a lot of donations in a few hours,” Velasquez Said.

Velasquez mentioned that students and other veterans had donated throughout the day.

Some of the veterans stopped by just to say hello and show support, hoping to see packages sent

off to those who are overseas.

Velasquez and Gaylen mentioned that people who donated are in the spirit of the holidays since the troops who are serving cannot be home to celebrate with their families. 

The veterans center spent 11 hours in front of the administration building for anyone who wished to donate.