Cosplayers attend formal ball

Ruben Lira, Reporter

The Cosplay Senpais held its first annual Cosplay Formal on Dec. 1 at Wasp Nest Studios. Cosplay Senpais is a Facebook live show featuring two hosts Lisa Fong and Charlene “Charley” Welch who teach people about every aspect of cosplay, tutorials on how to make cosplay and make it fun along the way. The reason they call themselves “Senpai” because they are like the upperclassman and that they have been making cosplays for quite a while.

The Formal was a dance event for all ages to come in casual cosplay, or dress formally and dance to live music as well as enjoy refreshments and snacks. There was also a green screen photo op for anyone who wished to take photos. There was also a contest for the cutest couple and a group photo at the end.

Both Fong and Welch were on the dance floor taking photos and interacting with their fans. Both senpais came dressed for the event. Welch was walking around handing candy canes to guests, making everyone feel the Christmas spirit.

Frankie Rodriguez, one of the producers at Wasp Nest Studios, spoke about their studio production. Rodriguez and his younger brother Miguel Rodriguez started their production company with the idea of short horror films and daily skits and blogs. It grew into seven different Facebook shows.

“Each show likes to put on a live event once every few months, and this was actually the first one the cosplay senpais thought about doing,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez had mentioned the reason they went with a formal route is that not everyone has a cosplay and they can come out formally and have a good time.

One of the guests, who came Nicholas Holcomb dressed as Sora from the video game “Kingdom Hearts” said he had a great time at the formal.

“It was fun, I liked the music and people were dancing,” Holcomb said.

The Cosplay Senpais were happy for the turnout event. They mentioned that they hope they can make the formal an annual event.

“Everyone is meeting other cosplayers they may have never met before, even thought to have talked to before. It’s a less intimidating setting compared to a con.” Welch said.

“A lot of shyer people are here, and I got to meet them,” Fong said.

They hope in the future to expand their show to YouTube and that if they don’t do a formal they might throw a cosplay prom, rave, or even mixer.