Bakersfield College Student Welcome Week


Photo/Logan King

Jessica McGrath and Dominica Dominguez assist first year BC student Christian Davis in locating his classroom.

Logan King, Reporter

The spring semester kicked off at Bakersfield College and with that came an array of first time and returning students, including the frantic search for classrooms and facilities.

To help these students navigate their way through the first week of classes, the college provided a series of welcome tables across campus. At these tables, students received maps, planners, and other helpful resources to help them get their semester started.

In an effort to attract students, there were doughnut covered tables in front of the Administration building.

BC student Marshel Blackmon was picking up the newest college planner. Blackmon returned to BC this semester excitedly after a prolonged absence. She had left BC years ago to focus on her family and career until she decided it was time to return and finish her degree.

Photo/Logan King
Returning student Marshel Blackmon taking advantage of the welcome table at the admissions office during the first day of spring semester.

At another table located in the FACE building, CTE Job Specialist Jessica McGrath and CTE Educational Advisor Dominica Dominguez assisted first-year student Christian Davis in locating his classroom.

Both students and faculty were in high spirits despite the high winds and scattered showers. The welcome tables were one of the first installments being rolled out for students this spring.