M. Night Shyamalan’s movie “Glass” is not a standalone

Official movie poster of M. Night Shyamalans movie Glass.

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Official movie poster of M. Night Shyamalan’s movie “Glass”.

Bryana Lozoya, Digital Editor

There is only one word I would use to sum up the movie “Glass.”


James McAvoy’s portrayal of Kevin Wendell Crumb, a man with multiple personalities and a dark side referred to as “the beast” played a large role in the disturbing element in the movie.

This Beast that is a part of Kevin is dark, predatory, animalistic, and deranged in the ways that it acts regarding the purity and brokenness in people. The other personalities that worship and serve it gives a cultish feel.

McAvoy’s ease at playing Kevin was superb, it was as if he actually had multiple personalities, and his ability to change his body language, tones, and accents of his voices is astounding.

Dr. Ellie Staple’s (Sarah Paulson) role as a psychologist in “Glass” also played a large role in the disturbing element because of how fishy her character was throughout the movie.

I never trusted her character from the first moment she showed up on the screen, and my distrust of her was answered later in the movie in a weird and nonsensical way.

Without giving too much away, I will just say that the movie took a hit when they threw in a random variable without the slightest backstory as to what it was about and how it was ultimately relevant to the storyline of “Glass.” Viewers had to guess and make their own assumptions as to what this variable meant.

The concept of the movie was very intriguing though, and it kept my interest throughout. The storyline was explained adequately but it would have done much better if the movie explained several things.

I wished they included a backstory of Dr. Ellie Staple, no matter how short or insubstantial, I felt that it would have made the movie’s plot stronger.

I didn’t know this until recently, but “Glass” is a part of a trilogy that director and writer M. Night Shyamalan created back in 2000 starting with “Unbreakable” and “Split” coming after in 2016.

I wished there was some part of the movie where it tied in the stories of all the main characters because it would have made so much sense but having now seen all three movies the plot makes more sense than it had before.

I would recommend viewers watching all the movies in order if they want to understand and appreciate what is going on.