Renegades suffer first loss against Bulldogs

Haley Duval, Photo Editor

The Bakersfield College baseball team drops their first game of the season against Allan Hancock with a loss, 5-4, ending their six-game winning streak on Feb. 5 at Gerry Collis Field.

Haley Duval
Chris Rodriguez takes over the mound in the fourth inning
Haley Duval
RHP Lane Cowan during the top of the third at Gerry Collis Field.
Haley Duval
Landn Kauk hits his RBI double in the third inning.
Haley Duval
Landn Kauk runs home from second.
Haley Duval
Nathan Ortiz starting the game for the BC Renegades.

The Bulldogs started off with an early lead in the first inning, 1-0.

The Renegades came back in the second from an RBI double from infielder, Landn Kauk and took the lead in the third from an RBI groundout from infielder, Ryan Dickerson. 

BC ahead, 2-1. 

Not until the 7th another run is scored off from shortstop, Zach William’s RBI single.

The Bulldogs came back in the eighth scoring three runs taking the lead before BC made a run on an error in the 8th, tying the game 4-4.

Allan Hancock score from a single in the extra innings and BC was unable to score in the bottom of the 10th.

After this loss, the Renegades overall is 6-1.