Bakersfield College’s Performing Arts Center has a play by students

Hilario Ismael Gomez, Reporter

The Bakersfield College Performing Arts Department debuted their rendition of All in the Timing in the Black Box Theatre located within the Edward Simonsen Performing Arts Center from April 10 thru April 14.

For future performances, tickets can be purchased online or at the door.

All in the Timing is a collection of eight one-act plays by David Ives titled Sure Thing, Words, Words, Words, The Universal Language, Foreplay, or the Art of Fugue, Mere Mortals, Philip Glass Buys a Loaf of Bread, the Philadelphia, and Variations on the Death of Leon Trotsky. With most of the plays being nonsensical twists to the ordinary topic of everyday life or matters of historical or scientific importance.

This production was acted by two separate casts over its five-day span. 

The production was directed by Brian J. Sivesind, with scenic by Kevin Ganger and lighting design by Anthony Monroe.

Cast A was featured for performances on the 10th 12th and 13th while Cast B was featured for performances on the 11th 13th and the 14th.

The play Sure Thing was acted out by McKenna Darling and Taylor Allen from Cast A and Lucy Brown, and Emily Andrews from Cast B.

English Made Simple was acted out by Jeremy Swofford, Charlotte Smith, and Nikki Nieto from Cast A while Raul Leon, Baeleigh Bevan, and Nick Chamberlain were their Cast B counterparts. The Variations on the Death of Trotsky was acted out by John Spitzer, Angela Caffee, Xavier Elizondo, Taylor Allen, Emily Andrews, and Javier Soto.

The Universal Language’s cast list consisted of April Toelle, TJ Sandoval, Charlotte Smith, and Kiera Gill.

The renditions of Mere Mortals consisted of TJ Sandoval, Xavier Elizondo, Cameron Rivera, Kiera Gill, Claery Grace Dickson, and Nicole Nieto.

While the Philadelphia consisted of Javier Soto, Nick Chamberlain, Jeremy Swofford, Carlos Contreras, Daniella Vargas, and Michael Sanchez.

All in Timing was the last event by the Bakersfield College Performing Arts Department within the Black Box Theatre for the semester and further events are to be announced later in the year.