BC celebrates jazz with an all day performance with local musicians

Amir Guyton, Reporter

The Kern County Music Educators’ Association and the Bakersfield College Jazz Studies Program hosted the fourth annual KCMEA Jazz Day at Bakersfield College in the Edward Simonsen Performing Arts Center on April. 11.

The all-day event the performances featured student jazz performers from local surrounding Kern County areas who all performed in the Edward Simonsen Performing Arts Center. The performers included Rob Martins big band of Ridgeview High School who played songs such as Blues for the Cat, Rocks in My Bed and Poetry in Motion and Centennial High School who opened up their performance by playing Stevie Wonders “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing.” 

Many other high schools were in attendance like Shafter High School and Mira Monte High School.

When asked about the importance of teaching  Jazz to the youth, band leader and organizer Rob Martin of Ridgeview High School responded.

“Jazz really allows students to express their thoughts, in Jazz students get to make their own choices” he continued. “When you make up your own notes you have to make your own choices” 

The KCMEA Jazz Day hosted many other Jazz acts including BCs faculty  Jazz Ensemble which consisted of Bakersfield college professor Kris Tiner and the accomplished saxophonist, jazz educator, and co-leader of the Jazz Studies program at CSU Long Beach Dr. Ray Briggs.

The  BC Jazz Ensemble played songs from artist like Freddie Hubert and Art Blakey.

The KCMEA Jazz Day at BC brought together surrounding schools to play and view some of the local jazz acts that Bakersfield had to offer.

Throughout the day Jazz artist of all ages and skill sets took center stage to perform and be entertained.

The KCMEA Jazz Day was all about bringing local Jazz artist, groups, and Jazz programs together to celebrate the music genre known as Jazz.

BC students, staff are welcome and community members to future performances.