A retiring custodian’s farewell to BC

Custodian Ruben Rosales, I’ve been a custodian for 23 years. I will be retiring on July 31, 2019. I want to express myself on being a successful custodian. First of all, you have to love what you do every day. You have to come to work with a good attitude, if you have problems do not bring them to work, they will affect your work and your attitude toward others. When you’re here at work, remember you’re to take orders, not give them. Once you get home, take your title back and do all the bossing you want. The number one thing you should not do is gossip, all it brings is trouble and maybe losing your job. When a new person comes in, make that person feel at home, I remember my first year there were a couple of persons that weren’t nice. Always remember to do the best you can at your job if you are not sure, ask a fellow worker. Never wait to be told by your boss to clean a room or a bathroom. Always be a step ahead of them, do the job you’re supposed to do without being told. It will make your relationship go a lot easier and help build confidence. The most important people on this campus are the students. Always help a student any way you can, just a simple direction to their classrooms goes a long way. When you have a student helper working for you, try to be a good example. You may not be able to teach them math, history or science, but you’d be surprised what they can learn from you just from your performance and attitude, last, always remember the 3 p’s priority- you job first

Punctuality- always on time

Performance- do your best

-Ruben Rosales