New program provides support for firefighters

Isabel Enciso, Reporter

Two San Diego women have launched a new firefighter support program. Navy Veteran, Tara Cornett, and mother of a firefighter, Cindy Cornett created Firefighter Go Bags to get supplies to the firefighter who are fighting different types of fires.

These bags have the essential items that are needed for these men and women, like fire wipes, Carmex lip balm, gold bond powder, cough drops, liquid IV, and more.

“We created the Firefighter Go Bags Community Support Program. This program allows firefighters to get all of the items they truly need to make their jobs easier, while keeping up with their healthy hygiene, and energy,” said Navy Veteran, Tara Cornett.

These bags have three small mesh pouches and one zipper pouch on opposite sides of each other. Each of these pouches is designed to keep the smaller items in place while having bigger items in the center of the bag. The items chosen were to get specific areas on which firefighters would need to use on their bodies.

“We talked with firefighters who have years of experience fighting wildfires and asked them to tell us all of the things they need when they’re assigned to a fire for days at a time,” said Cornett “Some of the items they told us about surprised us, like baby diaper rash cream.”

With this program going, their community and surrounding areas help by donating supplies they need for the complete bag. The bag was made at a small size, that firefighters don’t have to take extra time to get items together.

“…We work with local fire departments to see where the most convenient drop off point is for them. If they want us to bring the bags to the station so they can get them to the firefighters, that’s what we do,” said Tara Cornett.