Students look for future college opportunities during KHSD’s College Night


Bianca Cacciola

People in attendance checking out the booth from Simpson University.

Bianca Cacciola, Reporter

The 20th annual Kern County College Night, hosted by the Kern County Superintendent of Schools office with the Kern High School District, took place on Monday, Sept. 9, 2019 at the Rabobank Convention Center.  

Students and parents from all over Kern County were invited to attend College Night and had the opportunity to speak with representatives from many colleges. 

This event allowed colleges and institutions from around the nation to have the opportunity to showcase what each school offers. 

“I am looking at Santa Barbara and Harvard for biology,” said Omar Montano, Wasco High School senior. More than 100 colleges were in attendance with booths of information available to anyone and some freebies to give away. 

Prior to College Night being established, people were down an opportunity to meet with colleges before applying. 

Now, Kern County students have the chance to meet with representatives of their desired schools to help field out their best fit for education. 

“It opens up their mind-set for school and their futures,” said Montano.  

Many activities took place, such as pull-up contests with the US Marines and the chance to earn some cash towards college with the inflatable money catching game. 

Information sessions were also offered in convention rooms to try and alleviate some of the stress that goes along with applying for colleges. 

Some sessions included information on how to apply for financial aid, the application process for CSU and UC colleges, and obtaining scholarships. 

“It helps expose the students to what the options are because it can be really overwhelming,” said Sarah Shelbourne, the mother of a sophomore at Bakersfield High School. The event covers areas of college transferring stress that some students might have. 

“The annual event attracts thousands of students and parents to explore higher education options,” according to the Kern County Superintendent of Schools website.

College night served as a gateway for students to have access to numerous opportunities that not many other people have the chance to when they are gearing up for college. 

The Kern County Superintendent of Schools office gave many young students the ability to learn more about the choices of continuing education beyond high school, and the chance to make their dreams a reality.