CSUB hosts ethics seminar

Isabel Enciso, Reporter

Cal State Bakersfield president Lynnette Zelezny shared her views and thoughts on ethics in leadership on Sept. 26 at California State University Bakersfield (CSUB) in the Walter Stiern Library. Before starting the discussion, Michael Burroughs gave an explain an introduction, he stated that this event is a centerpiece of ethics in leadership and the series of events highlighted ethics in life and work during the week.

Starting the discussion, Burroughs asked Zelezny for examples that formed her idea of ethics. Zelezny then answered Henry David Thoreau and gave a brief explanation of why.

“Civil Disobedience chapter that he wrote, was such an inspiration to me and was such an important writing that was done. He stepped up, none the less and he would have hiccups before he would deliver the amazing inspirational words, he wrote himself Zelezny said.

The discussion continued about how those examples translate into being an effective leader at a university and the effects of being a university leader for others. Zelezny also explained that an ethical leader should move forward and be thinking about the values in ethics. It is important to be ethical because the position involves leading others to the best option. She said a leader should show ethical values, which should be abided by others, and the leader will be held accountable, for them to have a value system.

Zelezny also added that in all the decisions that needs to be made as a leader, not everyone will agree with the decisions that are made. Making decisions as a leader is hard for one person, but working with the right team to provide help and support makes the decision a bit easier.

“As a leader, one of the most challenging things is making sure that you realize that the only way that the heavy lifting can get done, is that you must have the right team to push with you,” Zelezny said.

As the discussion continues Zelezny talked about her team and the hard work throughout the day, and how her staff helps with what she needs. A team should be able to work with and around their leader, with the leader doing the same with them, she explained. Having an ethical and effective leader along with a team that will follow makes the working better because each person has a job that is just as important as the leader’s position.

This discussion continued and ended with questions from the audience who wanted to learn more about ethical leadership and how much work it takes to be one.