Reading Cinemas celebrates Halloween with horror movies

David Portillo, Reporter

Reading Cinemas is hosting an array of classic horror films throughout the month for its second annual “horror fest” which began on Oct. 2. 

Every Wednesday will host a new horror movie all starting at 7 p.m. The only exception will be on Oct. 30, will show the movie “Psycho” on Halloween night. 

Oct. 9 will be showing the dark horror-comedy “Shaun of the Dead”. 

Oct. 16 will have the cult classic “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. 

Oct. 23 is going to be showing “The Thing”.

And finally, Oct. 31 will be showing Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece “Psycho” on Halloween night.

This is reading cinemas second year putting on its horror fest for all the die-hard horror movie fanatics. 

Last year had horror fest focusing on the author Stephen King and his adaptations of movies. This year however is primarily focused on the classics.

Horror fest itself is a dedication to all horror fans and is put on to show them some love and hopes to be a recurring event for years to come.

The Horror Fest is a perfect fit for horror fans everywhere.