Murray Family Farms October Fun Fest pumpkin patch starts strong

Entrance to the “Plants Vs. Zombies” corn maze at Murray Family Farms.

Alex Gutierrez, Reporter

Bakersfield locals look to create memories and have during the fall season and each fall Murray Family Farms brings that to the community with Halloween themed festivities during October Fun Fest.
Throughout October, visitors can join Murray Family Farms in the “Plants Vs Zombies” themed fun and games! Admission guarantees access to the farm’s traditional hayride to the cornfield, the pumpkin patch where guests can pick one right straight from the field, a lively animal garden, plus more.

There are more traditions at Murray Family Farms every weekend in October that are just as packed with spooky entertainment and fun. It includes all the October Fun Fest attractions and more. Since this year is “Plants vs Zombies” themed, there will be a “Plants vs Zombies” paintball, where those gutsy enough can face off with zombies and wild plants. Visitors can launch potatoes across the fields with the potato launcher and participate in the festive gourd craft. There is also an animal train where guests can see all animal themed cars make their way all around the farm.

This year’s highlight attraction will have visitors confused and lost looking for a way out of the new “Plants Vs Zombies” corn maze. Those in the corn maze will have to answer true or false questions about the theme at every turn in order to find the way out, a wrong answer is a wrong turn, so come prepared with knowledge for laughter and excitement.

Murray Family Farms rolled out all the festivities for the community’s joy and entertainment for the Halloween season. This isn’t the first time Murray Family Farms has hosted Halloween themed festivities, it is an annual tradition for the Murray family. There are different themes every year, last year’s theme was Curious George and before that it was Peanuts. This year’s theme is the most exciting according to Steve Murray and is expected to draw crowds of families looking to bask in all the fun of the fall season.

The Big Red Barn at Murray family farms and the Little Purple Barn will still be in operations throughout October Fun Fest. Don’t miss out on the fun, bring your friends and families to create some wonderful experiences and memories.