Rocket Shop Cafe hosts comedy open mic night

Tiarra McCormick, Reporter

On Thursday nights at the Rocket Shop Café they have comedy open mic night is hosted by Daniel Betts. he has hosted the event every Thursday for the past two years.  But they are the longest-running comedy open mic night in Bakersfield. Many seasoned comedians do their set telling old and new jokes for the crowd. The first-timers are supported by the veteran comedians and the crowd through words of encouragement and yells from the crowd, and shots bought by the crowd.

They all patiently wait for their turn to take the stage to make people laugh at their set of jokes. There are a few loyal crowd members that come out for a great laugh, good drinks, and a great atmosphere. Audience members walk into the restaurant but are told to go into a room separated where there are tables and bright red chairs and a stage at the front of the room with a mic stand. During the event, there were different comics like Alex Valencia, J.J Saltz, Austin Bovee, Tad Whaley, Phil Kemp and a first-timer Jesus Munoz. These comics and others shared jokes about their everyday lives, dogs, dating, moving in, and the neighbor’s cat. The vibe at the show was like a family getting together at a big party. Every comic supports the other helps one another. They give tips to each other’s material to push one another to be better and make each set different from the last.

Open Comedy Mic Night is free to get in and open to the public but the audience has to buy their own food and drinks and if individuals have enough liquid courage they can sign up for a chance to share a few jokes.