Men’s soccer team wins conference championships for the first time in history

Jacqueline Gutierrez, Reporter

The BC men’s soccer team won the Western State Conference (WSC) South and entered the post season California Community College Athletic Association (CCCAA) for the first time in BC history.

The soccer team is coached by Vayron Martinez (head coach), Jason Trejos (assistant coach), and Edwin Samuel Morataya (assistant coach).

The soccer team entered the WSC South post season victory after winning their own conference and competing against other colleges, like Antelope Valley College and Glendale College.

With the help of his colleagues Martinez restarted the men’s soccer program in 2016 and this is their first time winning championships since then.

“Our assistant coaches and everyone from academic advisors to financial aid technicians have been very instrumental to make sure these boys [soccer team members] have been helped in every possible way and it made my job easier to focus on the soccer aspect,” said Martinez.

In addition, to this being the first time the Men’s soccer team has won conference championships this is also Coach Martinez’s first time winning a championship.

Since 2016, the soccer coaches have focused on rebuilding the soccer program from everything on creating relationships to accountability but this year the coaches really focused on the mindset of the players, according to Martinez.

One thing that Martinez and the assistant coaches did differently these past few years was going out and recruiting team members and teaching them how to get into the competitive mentality out on the field.

During the 2019 soccer year the BC men’s soccer team managed to earn various player of the year awards from the WSC South. Armando Alvarez, a BC goalkeeper who earned WSC South Goalkeeper of the year, Edgar Gonzalez, a sophomore at BC who earned Offensive player of the year, and Christian Gonzalez who earned Co-Defensive Player of the year. In addition to the play of the year awards head coach Vayron Martinez earned WSC South Coach of the year, according to the Go Gades Go website.

“For me this is one of the greatest feelings, because since it’s my last year here I wanted to win something for the school. And also, because we [the soccer team] start off in the summer in 100-degree weather so you want to get something out of it,” said Christian Gonzalez, sophomore at BC.

“It means a lot, we [the sophomores on the team] have been working two years, you just want to get something out of it and make everything worth it,” said Armando Alvarez, sophomore goalkeeper at BC.

On Nov. 23 the men’s soccer team had their first conference game against Fullerton College but unfortunately, they lost with a score of 1-0 Fullerton.