Bitwise Industries prepares for Bakersfield opening

David Portillo, Reporter

Bitwise Industries is a technological ecosystem, activating human potential to elevate underdog cities across the country. Beginning as far back as 2013, Bitwise Industries is now scheduled to open and build a location in Bakersfield California in 2020. The industry is looking to bring opportunities in the technology industry to Kern County and other cities that are lacking in those skills.

Created by both Jake Obersall and Irma Olguin Jr. Bitwise Industries its dream project that they look to fix and make cities better by “utilizing the industry of our age.” Olguin Jr. is not only the co-founder of Bitwise Industries, but in 2010 she also created the 59DaysOfCode competition that highlights and encourages a city’s tech industry.

Not only is Bitwise Industries bringing a whole new location to Bakersfield. It is also looking to bring its very own Geekwise Academy. Geekwise Academy is Bitwise Industries very own learning experience that teaches people to code and focus on building on-ramps for those traditionally left out of the technology industry. All ages are welcome to enroll in classes that offer a variety of activities to gain knowledge, skills, and insights critical to expand the field of technology.

Bitwise Industries began in Fresno California and its goal is to expand and reach other underdog cities, and Bakersfield is their next big location.

To celebrate the opening of the Bakersfield location Bitwise Industries put on a large community tech event called the 59DaysOfCode on Nov. 16. With a $50 entry fee and over two-months of preparation, participants pitched and came up with ideas to build something totally unique. Teams from all over Kern County, including BC and CSUB college students, participated in the event along with 25 other teams all competing for a $10,000 cash prize (with $36,000 total going out in prizes).

Bitwise Industries looks impact the Kern County community for the better and bring a unique technological experience that hasn’t been seen before. The Bakersfield campus is slated to open in 2020.