King Princess performs at the Wiltern in Los Angeles

Dunia Cantu, Reporter

King Princess brought her “Cheap Queen” Tour to The Wiltern in Los Angeles on Jan 25. She was set to perform twice at the venue, on Jan. 24 and 25, and both days where sold out.

The Wiltern holds up to 1,850 people so you can imagine what the whole venue that was filled up looked like.

Before King Princess would take the stage, performer Kilo Kish would open for her. Kish would take the stage with her music for about 30 minutes before King Princess would come on.

After those 30 minutes passed the lights went off and the crowd was going crazy, but who appeared on stage was not King Princess, but some amazing drag queens. The crowd started to hype them up as they were getting the crowd ready for the amazing show that was ahead.

The crowd was pumped and ready for King Princess to start the show. Her band came out first, the lights started flashing. There was a big, landscape mural on the stage with two hands holding mirror, then she appeared on the stage. She headed to a piano and opened the show with “Isabel’s Moment,” which is a ballad.

As the show progressed, she showed off her instrumental talents. Though she did have technical difficulties with her guitar at one point, the problem was resolved quickly.

Fans started to throw flowers on stage for her. Those flowers did not last long, in certain songs she would destroy them by smashing them to the ground. She interacted with her fans and she truly is her own kind of rock star.

Before she played the fan favorite song, “1950”, she joked mocked the crowd by saying, “you guys really need to get me another single because I am tired of playing this song.” She then proceeded to play ‘1950.”

To end the show, she played a new song that was being filmed for a music video. So, everyone who attended her shows on the 24 and 25 would be a part of that video. She went into total rock star mode by destroying her guitar, the drum set, and even flashed everyone in the venue.

Overall seeing King Princess live was an amazing experience.