Review: Cumbia Festival comes to Bakersfield

Marina Gonzalez, Reporter

Attending the 2020 Bakersfield Cumbia Festival was an amazing experience because it had a lot of great music and fun dancing.

This year’s event, held on Feb. 1 at the Kern County Fairgrounds was full of a lot of people drinking, eating food, and doing a lot of dancing to the music.

A lot of the attendees were excited to attend this festival because they wanted to see the music groups to perform and they were all big fans of Latin, cumbia, or Mexican music.

One of the groups to come out was a famous, local, Latin group called Velorio. They were very interesting to watch and they performed a lot of great, cumbia music for the crowd.

Another group that came out to perform was A.B. Quintanilla III y Los Kumbia Kings. This group was amazing to witness because many of the attendees have been big fans of the group since they first began. They even purchased V.I.P tickets to meet A.B. in person.

A.B. Quintanilla III is known for being the older brother of the late Latin singer Selena, and for being the bass player in the band Selena y Los Dinos back in the 90s. In 1999, A.B formed the Kumbia Kings, four years after Selena died in 1995.

During their performance, A.B. and his group performed some of their biggest hits such as “No Tengo Dinero”, and “Boom Boom” from their albums they made years back.

A.B. and the group did a tribute to Selena by performing some of her biggest hits like “Si Una Vez” and “Como la Flor”, which are a few of the songs that A.B. helped write for Selena.

A.B. thanked all of the attendees for coming to see the group perform and for helping continue to spread the word of Selena’s music legacy. The fans have shown a lot of love and support for his family ever since Selena died, her legacy lives on 25 years later.

After the group finished performing, A.B. went next to the stage to help sell Kumbia King merchandise, and to take selfies with some of the fans, which was a great way for him to interact with more of the fans.