Op-ed: Vegan meals

Marina Gonzalez, Reporter

Many people have thought that trying vegan products are bad for you, but they are wrong. It turns out eating vegan products, or plant-based, are healthier than animal products.

I recently learned about eating plant-based food from a documentary called “Game Changers”. where a UFC fighter does research on plant-based food and explains why it is better for your health and fitness. The documentary included interviews with athletes and they explained how changing their diets have helped change their fitness.

According to “Game Changers,” these athletes gained more energy from eating plant-based food and it has helped improve their training by giving them more strength.

People believed that the best way to get protein was from eating meat, but the research from this documentary shows that more protein can come from plants.

According to this documentary, animal products or processed food can raise a person’s cancer rate and can give them heart disease. It even showed what happens to animals when they’re taken into the factories to be made into food.

Diary can have proteins and growth hormones that are linked to different diseases and illnesses like food poisoning and kidney disease. Fish gets affected from the toxins and pollutants like mercury that are thrown into the water, which can lead to heart attacks, according to the Viva Health website.

After learning about what this kind of food can do to a person’s health and what happens to animals, I immediately decided to stop eating meat and start eating plant-based food like veggie burgers.

I bought frozen burgers from the grocery store, tried them out, and they tasted almost like a regular hamburger, except it was plant-based.

I began to try a lot of more different vegan meals that have more vegetables and even tried tofu, which is a great way to replace the meat. While some people think that vegan meals are better to eat, others say that there are certain vegan meals that are bad for you.

Meals like an Impossible Burger have more fat and sodium than a regular beef burger, which is why it’s better to eat a plant-based burger, according to a Cooking Light website.

Making the transition from eating animal products to plant-based food has been easy for me because I have been eating healthy, along with exercising for a few years. I have really liked trying the vegan meals because they taste really well and it is a better way to stay healthy.