Coronavirus causes job loss

Mariah Arviso, Reporter

The Coronavirus has caused major events, amusement parks, and other public spaces to shut down, but this left many people without jobs. Since no overseas shipments of supplies are coming into the country, a lot of warehouse owners and managers have been laying people off without pay.  

Many of the airline companies, hotels, and warehouse employees are suffering job loss because there is not any work for them to do.  

“All the warehouses for Walmart are empty. We haven’t gotten any toilet paper, sanitary supplies, or even food since the virus started to spread,” Denisse Mendez, Walmart employee, said.  

There is not an exact number of employees that lost their jobs because businesses are being closed daily. More than 145 drivers, from the Los Angeles Port, were sent home because ships from China are restricted from coming into the countryaccording to The Washinton Post. The company is preparing to shut down its operations until further notice.  

Warehouse employees are preparing for more layoffs as other businesses are closing. Not only are those employees suffering, but so are small businesses and hotels. Many people are going to major groceries stores and staying inside, so some small businesses had to close until everything calms downaccording to the CNBC.  

Many companies such as Cisco, have allowed their employees to work from home. Although this plan has worked out so far, it will not for every aspect of the job. There have not been many layoffs happening in Bakersfield, but many warehouse workers, in the surrounding areas, are preparing to lose their jobs because there is little to no work for them 

“We haven’t been working as much as we used to. A lot of my co-workers have been sent home due to the shortage of work and supplies,” Target warehouse employee, who wished to stay anonymous said. “I’m scared to lose my job, and so are my co-workers.”  

Although many companies such as Disneyland and Starbucks will continue to pay their employees, other companies such as Universal Studios won’t continue to pay their employees during the closures if they choose to stay home. 

“I don’t know when we’ll start to get laid off completely since our hours are already getting cutMany of my co-workers, including myself, are trying to find other jobs, but it is hard to during these times,” anonymous said.  

Many companies are hoping to reopen within the next month or two, but there is no guarantee that this will happen.