BC professors discuss resources being used during outbreak

Marina Gonzalez, Reporter

Bakersfield College faculty members hosted an online All Campus Forum Panel to discuss updates about the campus on March 18.

The members had an online panel for students to share updates about how BC will function by having courses moved online while the campus is closed, due to the COVID-19.

The panel consisted of faculty members Andrew Haney, Ximena Da Silva Tavares, Yvonne Armendariz, and Kris Stallworth.

BC President Sonya Christian explained that extreme measures are being taken and showed statistics of how fast the coronavirus has been spreading and that it is happening daily.

“The daily increase is also extremely rapid and is growing rapider every day,” Christian said.

Christian also explained why social distancing the best way is to keep the virus from spreading quickly.

“Maximizing social distancing is the best effort we can do as a collective to slow down this epidemic,” Christian said.

Each member of the panel shared the different resources they used in order for them to give their class lectures and assignments to their students. They have been using resources like Zoom for online lectures or meetings and Canvas for exams and assignments.

“What the Automotive program does and what it is, is really a hands-on component application,” BC automotive professor, Andrew Haney, said.

Haney explained how difficult it can be to teach lab work to his students when he cannot be on campus to show them. Some of the ways he is using  to teach his students id by using videos of techniques.

With BC being moved online, it’ll be hard for students, who may not have internet access at home, so BC is providing internet resources like Comcast, Spectrum, and Charter for those students to get online for their classes.

Yvonne Armendariz from the BC Academic Support Services explained that she uses the Zoom app to do SI sessions and tutoring for students whenever they need help with their assignments.

BC Art Professor, Kris Stallworth, shared resources that are good for students to stay in contact with their professors. Students can use online resources like Slack, Canvas, and email in order for them to contact professors.

The resources that the members provided will become the new ways for students to get their education, assignments, and exams from their professors while the campus remains closed, until the coronavirus outbreak ends.