Met Opera live streams performances despite the shutdown

Adeli Arvizu, Reporter

The Metropolitan Opera House in New York temporarily closed its doors due to the Coronavirus. However, the shutdown has not prevented the Opera house from providing devoted viewers content through live stream.

The Met Opera joined several businesses, organizations, and educational systems that were forced to stop running within the past week because of the virus’s presence in the United States. The reason is to limit large gatherings and interactions amongst people to help prevent the spread of the virus. 

According to Forbes, the opera house is showcasing a variety of well-known plays performed at the Met for free. This allows viewers to continue to enjoy watching performances from the comfort of their own home. Throughout the month, until March 31, different performances are available online via the Met Operas homepage. However, each performance is given a twenty-hour show time before moving on to the next play. 

The Tuesday show presented the classical Bizet’s “Carmen.” The performance tells the story of a soldier who became infatuated and obsessed with a rebellious gypsy woman, whose destiny results in a tragic ending. The play performed by the Met started off with a brief introduction and background on the play. It was then followed by a lengthy, but upbeat, musical number. The cast consists of Elina Garanca as the main role Carmen, Roberto Alagna as (the obsessed soldier) Don Jose, Barbara Frittoli as (Don Jose’s first love interest) Micaela, and Teddy Tahu Rhodes as (Carmen’s later love interest) Escamillo. 

The emerging of the curtains presented a tall brick-like structure set with a gate in between it, and soldiers gathered outside of it.  Don Jose was seen speaking to another soldier. As they were in conversation, children came running to the opposite side of the gate and called out to them in which they got scolded. The scene transitioned to the soldiers within the gates as the children marched, sang along and mimicked their movements. Just then women arose from working underground. As each woman came out the soldiers tried to flirt with them. The room went silent when Carmen, a curly-haired brunette, appeared with an indifferent attitude. Right away Carmen picked a fight with a fellow woman which showed some of her wild persona. She then sang a musical number while she held a red flower as she tried to attract Don Jose, unknowingly creating the beginning to an eternal end. 

All throughout the performance, the musical numbers allowed the main characters to demonstrate their individual vocal abilities while at the same time telling the tragic story of Carmen.