Thoughtexchange throughout the coronavirus pandemic

Priscilla Carballo, Reporter

Thoughtexchange is a resource that is located in Canada and founded in 2009 and it has helped out while the coronavirus pandemic is ongoing. Thoughtexchange is an online resource that connects others.

“We’ve [the employees at Thoughtexchange] built an awesome enterprise crowdsourcing platform that thousands of leaders around the world use to learn and bring people together. With everything happening with COVID-19, you need to connect with your people to get their thoughts and show them you are willing to listen to them when they really need to be heard,” Dave MacLeod, Co-founder and CEO of Thoughtexchange, said.

Thoughtexchange is mostly used by companies and groups all around the world, but it could also be used by anyone. 

It has been one of the main tools in making switching online easier for people having to work at home.

“What we’re seeing now is the acceleration of the inevitable. Remote working has always been something that’s been talked of in a half-hearted way as belonging to some ‘future world of work’,” Jessica Norlander, exGoogler and Meltwater MD, said.

The coronavirus caused a huge setback on many companies and stores, so now a lot of these corporations are trying to accommodate for that. Many companies have done so by moving a lot of their work or businesses online, but that does not mean they have been doing so fast enough to keep up with a lot that’s been going on.