BC holds panel to discuss student concerns

Mariah Arviso, Reporter

Bakersfield College held a digital panel discussion, on March 31, for students who expressed their concerns about online classes and personal obstacles about having classes from home. 

BC’s President, Sonya Christian, started off the conversation with updates about COVID-19 cases worldwide and in California. Christian discussed a new program called Back to College which was launched on March 25, and encouraged the audience to spread the word about the new program. 

The panel consisted of BC students Karen Cid Ibanez, Gian Gayatao, Emma McNellis, and Maria Jaimes. Each student discussed their technical difficulties in using zoom and have had  connection errors, as well as having trouble focusing with other distractions around them.  

“I had two professors who have never had online classes, and one of them [had] never even used [the] canvas shell. That was really interesting in switching those classes online, and we all struggled,” McNellis said.  

On top of technical difficulties, Jaimes discussed some mental health issues about being at home and balancing being a mother, as well as a student. She expressed her concerns about time management in finishing her schooling while also helping her kids with any school work or personal needs.  

“It’s very hard for me to study and do homework because I have to help my kids study too […] so, I’m very distracted when trying to finish my work. To have a [routine], I wake up at the same time every morning and make sure everything is ready for my kids so I can start my work,” Jaimes said.  

Although there were some difficulties that were discussed during the panel, each student stayed positive in saying the school slogan “We are BC” and  that “We are in this together.”