Gaming consoles are now out of stock

Jocelyn Perez, Reporter

As the entire world has been instructed to self-quarantine themselves by many health officials and authorities, people look towards keeping themselves entertained with gaming consoles which has left most retailers sold out of the Nintendo Switch. 

These gaming consoles are nowhere to be found unless you are willing to pay an absurd amount of money for one. 

The Nintendo Switch Lite, is a hand-held device and is described as much lighter and compact. The Nintendo Switch Lite does not happen to be as affected in terms of being out of stock compared to its antecedent, the Nintendo Switch. 

Retailers who are consistently sold out of the Nintendo Switch are Walmart, BestBuy, Target, Amazon, and Gamestop. Due to such scarcity, third party retailers are ranking up their prices at unreasonable numbers. 

When the Nintendo Switch is listed on Amazon, it sells within under 10 minutes, according to listings from online retail tracker NowInStock. Other consoles, such as the Xbox One and PS4, are also hard to find. 

“I came to Walmart to buy an Xbox One to have something to do during quarantine but they sold out so I ended up buying a PS4, and the last one at that too,” Jacob Martinez said. 

So the question remains, why is the Nintendo Switch selling out faster and more likely than any other gaming console. A sudden highly-favored game, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, is the catch for why people are buying the Nintendo Switch. If you’re wanting to buy a gaming console, consider the Nintendo Switch Lite. 

The Nintendo Switch will be hard to get a hold of and not the mention the Lite is much more affordable.