LSU championship

Humberto Chairez, Reporter

Louisiana State University (LSU) is set to play the University of Akron on April 29 for the Rocket League Collegiate Championship.
Rocket League is a massively popular game that is available to play on all gaming platforms. The concept of cars playing soccer has even been broadcasted on ESPN2. Each game lasts five minutes, and overtime lasts until one team has scored.
The semi-finals were broadcasted live on Twitch, and LSU beat Oregon State 4-1 in a seven-game series.
Notably, LSU dominated Oregon in game one with a score of 7-1, and scoring leader Tbates scored four goals in that game alone. Oregon won their only match in game three. That game was an overtime win, but it would only slow down the inevitable LSU series win.
The University of Akron also won their series 4-1 against the University of Florida (UCF) in their semi-finals.
The best game of the series came in game four when UCF scored a goal in overtime. However, they could not keep up in the series with Akron’s aggressive defense. Each game ended with a close score, but Akron’s strategy to dominate the entire series always left UCF playing catch up.
“UCF has been talking a bit of trash, but we’ll see what’s up,” Akron player Buzz said during the Twitch live stream. “We looked pretty consistent, pretty happy about our performance.”
“We (UCF) set out a goal and we achieved it,” UCF player Snypz said on his tournament run in Rocket League.
With almost 20 thousand people watching Rocket League live on the Twitch stream, these two teams put on a dominant performance and showed why they are the two best teams left in the tournament.
“I’m ready to go, I’m ready to play tomorrow,” Akron player Tbates said. “It’s going to be really annoying to play them (Akron), it’s going to be really hard to beat them.”