BCSGA plans virtual events and sets up helpful resources

Hugo Maldonado Garcia, Reporter

Although the physical Bakersfield College campus is closed for the Fall semester, the Bakersfield College Student Government Association (BCSGA) still plans on creating virtual events that students can participate in.
BCSGA has many free events planned for the semester so that students can get involved and participate.
According to the Program Manager for Student Life at BC, Benjamin Balderrama explains how he helps oversee student organizations, plan activities, and events with BCSGA. He mentions what to except for upcoming future events to help get students involved such as hosting more video game streaming’s, Netflix watch parties, Virtual DSS distinguish speakers, and having more virtual fitness sessions to help keep students active during this quarantine.
BCSGA is currently hosting a virtual student involvement fair called the Student Activities Virtual Engagement (SAVE) Festival, in which students can participate through Zoom or Discord to gain some useful and helpful resources for the semester.
BCSGA is currently giving away BC planners for free where any student can go and pick one up from The Office of Student Life where no student I.D. is required at this time. They plan to have a drive-in movie for October, where students and staff are more than welcomed to attend.
Balderrama explains how many of the events were converted into a virtual setting, like the Distinguish speaker Series which will be happening via Zoom. Many more BCSGA events will be coming throughout this semester and they highly encourage BC students to follow the BCSGA social media platforms on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to know what possible events are coming up. Another useful tip is to check the bottom left of the BC website where an “Upcoming Events” box should be located.
BCSGA also currently has many resources students can receive for free, according to the BCSGA President, Gian Gayatao, his position is to represent the student government where he wants to build a sense of connection with the students because every student should be successful from the comforts of their own home during this pandemic. Having a great college experience is important and BCSGA offers many free resources that can only help students.
No one knew this pandemic was going to occur, and even though everyone has had to adapt to the situation, BCSGA will continue to provide for the student body.
Gayatao also mentions when paid for registration, students have access to free mental health counseling and many more where students can get more information about the BC website.
Balderrama mentions how BCSGA has a weekly pantry for those who need food. They established a Chromebook loaner program that is being run by the I.T. department. They created the Discord server where students can join and interact with other students, to help or guide one another to find the answers to their questions.
Although the campus is technically closed, the majority of the college departments are available at the “Virtual Student Information Desk” where students can have face to face services regarding admissions, counseling to help with finical aid and so much more.
If any students have any questions regarding BC resources or want more information on future events, follow the BCSGA social media platforms or continue checking the BC website.