How students deal with boredom during quarantine

Thalia Pimentel, Reporter

Covid-19 has affected many globally and some may be trying to adapt this changed in life.
Streaming services like Hulu and Netflix have offered longer free trials to help those who can’t pay for a subscription right away or for people who are bored in their quarantine.
Bakersfield College student, Alyssa Lopez shared, “Losing my job in the mall was hard, school went online, I can’t go to the gym anymore so my latest resort has been to make a Hulu and Netflix account that I share with my roommates and we all watch movies and shows we have never seen or heard of. It’s actually kind of nice because we started with a three-month free trial and when that’s over we all split the subscription and end up paying about five dollars each every month.”
Her new hobby of binge-watching new movies and shows helped Alyssa keep her mind off things instead of stressing about her job or not going to the gym. She also admits that she might have gained a few pounds since this whole pandemic abruptly started but she is okay with it.
Vanessa Madrigal, a Fresno State student, lost her job at Acai Bowl Cafe so she brainstormed and decided to start her own bleached t-shirt business, “Dripped By Nessa.” The idea came during the summer when Vanessa had some extra free time after losing her job. She loves fashion so customizing and making bleached shirts for people turned into a nice hobby for her and eventually her new source of income.
“Making t-shirts for people was a hobby at first because I lost my job and Covid made it harder for me to find work somewhere else, I was really bored but one thing led to another and I started selling the shirts I was making. I’ve met so many cool people that appreciate my work and it’s one of the best things I ever came up with,” she said.