Honoring those who fallen with a cruise


Logan Odneal

Red classic car cruising down Chester Ave. during the Bakersfield Downtown Cruise, Sept. 11.

Amaya Lawton, Reporter

On Friday, Sept. 11, Bakersfield Downtown Cruise hosted a cruise night that fell on the memorial of 9/11.
Jordan Tyack and Debbie Lee hosted the Chester Ave Cruise that fell on the memorial of 9/11. “Our second Friday schedule of Chester Ave. Cruise kind of fell on 9/11 this year, so it worked out to be something we can incorporate with the cruise,” according to Lee and Tyack.
The event details were posted on Facebook stating, “since this cruise happens to land on 9/11, we would like to see American flags being displayed by our attendees to honor all of those who lost their lives on the tragedy of September 11th, 2001.” Since there was still the risk of contracting COVID while being in a large group, the page details also insisted to follow local social distancing rules.
The social distancing rules were respected at the event. Many were seen gathered in small groups on the sidewalks and near their cars with their close family and friends.
Lee explained the event was organized in the presence of a pandemic was there to help people safely get away from home and enjoy being outside again. “The Downtown Association has been pretty happy at the fact that it has given life to Downtown since the start of the pandemic when downtown was a second thought for everyone,” she said.
Most participants were frequent attendees at the cruises hosted in Bakersfield. There were all types of cars; ranging from classics to newer models, along with trucks.
There were also people there just for the view and entertainment.
Gary Brown, a member of the Common Ground Car Club was amongst many others that night. Brown stated that since the car clubs were shut down due to COVID, the cruises were the next best thing.
He also explained how this event should continue to be held on 9/11 because he believes there is not enough events being organized in Bakersfield for the remembrance of 9/11.
Others share the same opinion that this date should continue to be memorialized through a form of family entertainment; whether that be a cruise or a show.
Many spectators and participants share the same love and pride for their cars. Most share the same experiences with keeping classic to modified cars in good shape. From custom made interiors to hand made extras, one can see that every owner takes pride in what they brought to show.

A coffin car cruising down Chester Ave. Bakersfield Downtown Cruise hosted a cruise night that fell on the memorial of 9/11. (Logan Odneal)

A few of the participates watching the Downtown cruise on Sept. 11. (Logan Odneal)
Participants on motorcycles showing there respect by attaching an American Flag to their bike. Side right of the photo shows a 1964 Buick Riviera. (Amaya Lawton)
Shaggin Waggin displaying its interior for the Bakersfield Downtown Cruise, Sept. 11. (Logan Odneal)