Kelsey Celeste performs for the Bi Bi Bi Edition livestream

Victoria Meza, Reporter

The Bi Bi Bi Edition Livestream transmitted on Sept. 26 featuring artist Kelsey Celeste, who is a singer and composer, sang covers from other artists who are bisexual and are an icon for the community, for the Bisexual Awareness Week.
Celeste started the live stream introducing herself and then continued with a song that she composed called “Can I?”. The song approaches the problem that so many women deal with daily, which is being judged for not doing something correctly. According to the lyrics of the song, it does not concern anyone what a woman should do or not.
“What can I do? The answer is: still not concern you,” Celeste sang.
After the song, Celeste explained that her stage was built in “times on quarantine”. She is still trying to make it better, and she explained that she is trying to improve the lighting on her stage.
She went ahead to sing a cover from the song “Take a little piece of my heart”, by Janes Joplin. According to its lyrics, the song shows how strong a woman can be.
“But I’m gonna show you, baby, that a woman can be tough”, Joplin wrote.
Celeste mentions that, before doing the live stream, she was wondering what people would like her to sing. She mentioned that she was nervous at first.
Celeste showed her happiness when she said that bisexual people are starting to come out more often, and they are not afraid to express their true selves. Bi Visibility Day or Bisexual Pride day was celebrated on Sept. 23 to conclude Bisexual Awareness Week.
She then started to cover “Wait a minute”, by Willow Smith. Smith is a bisexual artist, daughter of Will Smith. Her song “Wait a Minute” talks about how painful, fun, and exciting can be to love someone.
The next song covered by Celeste was a song by Amanda Palmer called “In my mind”. Amanda Palmer is a bisexual artist who is considered an icon for the bisexual community. Palmer’s song describes confusion for who she is, and she is a person that she does not want to be.
Celeste said that she memorized the 90% of the lyrics of that song.
The next cover was for a song called “Sunday Girl”, by Blondie. Blondie is an American band whose lead singer came out as bisexual when the song was released. Then, she went for “Back to Black” by Amy Winehouse. Winehouse is a bisexual artist.
Celeste paused between songs to explain her lighting. She explained that she is making her best efforts to make a comfortable stage.
The next song was called “As the world goes down” by David Bowie. It was from the “Labyrinth” soundtrack. Celeste explained how much she liked the movie.
The next song was made a song for a friend of hers. The song is called “Text me when you got home safe”. The lyrics of the song explained the love that she felt for her friend, and that she hoped that after every adventure, her friend would arrive home safely. It was a song for her friend Gary.
Celeste then did a cover of a song by Jason Mraz, “Bella Luna”, in which he explains the love that he feels for someone. Jason Mraz is a bisexual artist that is also considered an icon for the bisexual community.
“I like men, and I like women, and I like non-binary people (…) I love people,” said Celeste when she finished the song.
Her next cover was “Fat Bottom Girls”, by Queen. According to its lyrics, the song encourages women to be confident with themselves.
Celeste expressed that people should not mind the sexuality of another person and that they should “keep their mouth shut”.
The lyrics of the next two songs, one of them called “Bad Religion” by Frank Ocean, talked about the love that a person might feel for another individual, but the feeling of love is so strong that sometimes they do not know what do to about it.
The last song was a cover of “You and I”, by Lady Gaga. Gaga is known to be a bisexual icon, and her song, according to its lyrics, showed how the feeling of love can affect someone.
The live stream finished with a total of 12 songs, with two of them written by Celeste. She ended the stream encouraging the people to support her and to love whoever they want to love.