Local business Brush and Blush hosts live painting tutorial

Heather Quiring adding various details to her Fall Drive painting.

Selena Paiz, Reporter

Brush and Blush, located on 4915 Stockdale Highway, gives a live tutorial on a painting that they have selected for the week, and on Sept. 26 they held a tutorial on the ‘Happy Fall Drive’ painting.
This was their fourth in-person event that has happened since the lockdown. They followed the social distancing protocol and masks were mandatory for participation.
The teacher of the class guided participants on how to paint the background, outlining and painting the truck, and then finally the fine details of the paintings. All within a two-hour span.
Participants were encouraged to put their own twists on their paintings, and in the end, all participants showed displayed their paintings and took pictures in the studio.
They hold painting events like these for adults and kids, and there are a variety of paintings they have for people to do.
Many new and regular participants joined in person. The event cost $26 a ticket which came with the supplies included, or if joined virtually, prices may vary.
Brush and Blush have ‘The Hive” which is a package that is $30 and allows you to have access to 12 paintings and live tutorials that you have access to any time, but you would need to bring your own painting supplies.
The “Happy Fall Drive” class had a large turnout. Many people were happy to return to the studio, since the COVID lockdown happened, and get to painting.
“I like coming here because of the teacher,” Brandy Wilson said.
“We get really close like a family. We are very welcoming in classes and do everything we can to help people with their paintings,” instructor Rachel Cortes, said. “We also hold bingo nights and raffle off a whole table of prizes for the winner. All money made from bingo nights goes towards keeping Brush and Blush open.”
People also come for just a night out, according to Heather Quiring, she comes with friends for a girl’s night out.
“We’ve been coming on and off since Brush and Blush first opened five years ago. It’s a great relaxing thing to do together,” Quiring said.
Brush and Blush also holds different classes for other artistic mediums. Such as resin molding, paint pours, and so much more all ranging from $24 to $75.
They cater to the holidays by providing holiday-themed paintings. Since Halloween is coming up, they are holding painting classes for both adults and children for Halloween-themed paintings.
These classes are held every Saturday both in person and virtually, but spots are limited so reservations are required.

The attendees at the Happy Fall Drive painting session at Brush & Blush Easel studio.

Two class participants adding finishing touches to their paintings. (Amaya Lawton)
Michele Schmidt (left) and Heather Quiring (right) showing their finished pieces at the end of the Fall Drive painting session. (Amaya Lawton)