Murray Family Farms pumpkin patch is open for business

Beginning of the Plants vs Zombies corn maze.

Logan Odneal, Reporter

Through the month of October, Murray Family Farms canceled their traditional October fun fest and held a pumpkin patch instead on Oct. 10. Most attractions remain closed for health concerns but the sunflower trail, corn maze, and pumpkin picking are keeping the farm open.
Visitors are expected to socially distance and keep a mask on at all times while at the park. To help keep too many people from being on the farm at once, visitors must buy tickets online and arrive between the hours listed on their tickets.
The sunflower trail is a winding path through a sunflower field. It is a great few minutes walk although the peaceful nature experience gets interrupted every so often from highway traffic.
Kelly Christian said the sunflower trail is surprisingly long and that her family is a little disappointed so many attractions are closed but are extremely grateful that the Murray Family farms are open and that they enjoyed spending the day there.
With the closure of the animal garden, hayride, bouncy pillow, vortex, corn pool, potato cannons, ball toss, or live events, people are thankful to do the few open things.
The “Plants vs Zombies” themed corn maze was the biggest attraction at the park. The corn maze had 18 true/false questions that gave hints to help maze goers get to the end. All 18 question plaques located throughout the maze incorporated imagery from the “Plants vs Zombies” video game.
The maze was centered half a mile from the entrance from the park. Its located so far from the entrance to spread out the foot traffic and to help keep social distancing in effect.
Because so many pumpkin patches have been canceled, people are happy to have something to go to.
Eduardo Montoya said that the Murray Family Farms pumpkin patch is the second one he took his family to, the other one being in the Fresno area. He said that they are loving the opportunity to get out and absorb some vitamin D. He wishes they could be there without the masks but that they are simply happy to be out of the house.
When people wanted to sit down somewhere and take a break, they went to sit down on the tables under the pole roof barn or sat underneath the shade tree by the dinosaur footprint.
The only other place at Murray Family Farms that is open is the Big Red Barn, their gift shop and restaurant where visitors can buy soda, candy farm produce or homemade pies, and fudge.