BCSGA discusses upcoming events during their annual breakfast

Hector Morales, Reporter

Bakersfield College Student Government Association (BCSGA) held their annual breakfast on Oct. 13 where students asked questions about their government and events happening during the school year.

This year was very different since it was held virtually, and students were able to make their own breakfast from home. Not many students joined the virtual breakfast. However, more students usually join when it is held in-person since breakfast is provided for them.

The BCSGA has a Discord available to BC students so they can have a place to talk and hangout. Every Friday, the discord group plays a game. They have recently been playing the most popular game Among Us.

The BCSGA also plans to create different servers for certain types of courses so students can get help from each other and study.

They also mentioned that next week is Undocumented Student Action week and one of their most anticipated events is the “Know Your Rights” presentation. They will also be hosting a movie night on Oct. 23 where they will be playing the film “No Le Digas a Nadie” or “Don’t Tell Anyone” to close off the week.