BC hosted duo The Appletons for their annual music summit

Victoria Meza, Reporter

The Appletons started with the first song of the event. They performed multiple songs, making pauses between, and sometimes explaining the meaning of their lyrics. Lauren Appleton explained that one of the songs was performed for her mom, to show her how much she loves her.
They performed multiple songs. One of them was their first song as a duo, and it was called ‘’Sad’’. Regardless of its name, the song started very upbeat. Lauren mentioned that the song could be found on Spotify and Apple Music.
“Excuse me but I am feeling sad,” they sang.
They performed some covers too, such as “Sweet Home Chicago’’, wrote by Robert Johnson, and “If You’ve Got the Money”, by Lefty Frizzell. Their performance lasted the whole first half of the event.
Lauren explained that everything started when she moved to California and she met Kyle. She thought that he was good at playing music, so she wanted to learn more with him. They started to fall for each other, and that was the beginning of The Appletons duo. The Appletons formed a year and a half after they got married.
“I think every band takes a while to become like something with someone and takes some time and I think we are really on that track,” Lauren said.
Lauren explained how The Appletons ascended, and the process of making some collaborations with other artists. She assured that it was not easy, but they never gave up on their dream.
Kylie explained that they can adapt to their situation no matter what is going on and that it is important to keep going. Ottum agreed that it is something that students should be taking into consideration in their lives.
Kylie explained that when he started to play guitar, he did it in high school because at that time, to be “cool” you had to at least know how to play guitar. Then he started playing in some bands, and he discovered that he liked to play guitar.
Someone asked him to join a band in Bakersfield, and since he did not a lot about Country music, he started to learn about the history of the “sound” of Bakersfield. He started to learn more about country music. Since then, that is all he has played.
He has played in several local records and national records.
“The most important thing was just being easy to work with and that’s how you get called back anyone can do it there’s a lot of people that can do what I do,” Kylie said.
They finished the Livestream by explaining that if someone wants to be a session musician or a session player, then they should do research about the genre they are covering, and they should listen to the songs of the same genre. They should also know what is currently happening in the world of that music.