Panorama Creative Music Summit continues with Heidi Trefethen

Sydney McClanahan, Reporter

The annual Panorama Creative Music Summit continued with original compositions from French hornist Heidi Trefethen on Facebook live on Wednesday, Nov. 4.
Trefethen is also an educator, composure, producer, and sound engineer. Her musical journey began at two years old when she was taught to play the piano by her grandmother.
“She sat me down and just helped me learn the notes and I was actually playing ‘Mary had a little lamb’ at about three years old,” Trefethen said.
She shared how growing up she would listen to a wide variety of sound which helped spark her love for music.
“I was able to listen closely and isolate each instrument and already I was fascinated with music and sound,” she said.
As a junior in high school, she moved away to continue with her music education at the Idyllwild Arts Academy boarding school.
“I had a really full plate,” she said. “But it was an incredible opportunity. Very small size classes, chamber music all day, all night, and we did not have enough musicians to do an orchestra, so I honed those solo and chamber music skills on the horn.”
She later went on to attended Brigham Young University (BYU) and following, the California Recording Institute after falling in love with the recording process.
On top of producing, recording, and writing music she also was able to perform and travel.
She shared a story of the time when her trip to perform in Rome was extended and she stayed to perform with the Rome Opera Orchestra for three additional years.
“I had an incredible experience. I went there with no Italian language skills,” she said. “I learned Italian by ear and I think my musical ear helped with that.”
Trefethen offered a word of advice for those who want to work in music or pursue a career in the industry: “If you ever want to improve, work with people who have more experience than you do, who may be smarter or know more than you.”