Amanda Stone recommends “targeting your niche” when looking for scholarships

Hector Morales, Reporter

As the year comes to an end, many students across America began looking for scholarships to help them pay for college. Amanda Stone hosted a webinar, on Nov 8, on how to simplify your search for scholarships.
She first discussed the struggles of searching for scholarships. Stone brought up that many people tend to look for scholarships by typing in the word “Scholarships” into the Google search engine. She explained that was the worst way to look for any scholarships.
Stone introduced targeting your niche. A niche can be a certain trait of such as ethnicity, residence, major, and more. She explained that if people started to search for scholarships with their niches, that will narrow down the searches and makes it way easier.
During her second point, Stone said that it is best to start close to home when searching for scholarships. She recommended asking friends and family about scholarships so that a person can have a steppingstone. Stone then recommended broadening your search after looking at scholarships near the area.
Stone ended the webinar by giving the last three pieces of information. Have other people search for you, expand your network of opportunities, and have your applications for scholarships prepared.
Stone uploaded the live recording of the webinar on the Bakersfield College Facebook page so students could have access to the video if they needed any help to simplify their scholarship search.