BC Library hosted DeStress Week before finials

Amaya Lawton, Reporter

Bakersfield College Library hosted a DeStress week before finals on Instagram.
The library at BC conducted a virtual DeStress week through their Instagram posts. On Monday, they posted a playlist as the first destress activity. The playlist was titled, “Bakersfield College Library Study Jams”, according to the BC Library Instagram. For the song suggestions, they posted a story on Instagram asking for song suggestions from other students.
Tuesday was an animal therapy day. The library posted a montage of various pets that looked relaxed and cozy as well as crazy and funny. The photos were pets of the librarians that work at BC. For Tuesday they also left a link in their bio to a Livestream of animal videos for students to watch, according to the Instagram page.
For Wednesday, the suggested a link that was the librarians’ favorite online meditation and yoga videos or guides. For Thursday they did simple games and coloring day for the students at BC. The library put a link in their bio to go to the website listed to check out different coloring pages as well as mind games to distract one from finals, such as sudoku and word searches.
The last day of DeStress week involved activities that helped with mental health. They provided links to resources on managing mental health and provided the Instagram page of the BC Student Health Center, if in need of free counseling.
The links provided were very useful and helped with getting one’s mind off the stress of finals. The posts are still available on the BC Library Instagram page and a quick direct message may be able to get one of the links to any activity if needed.