Bakersfield College hosted an improv webinar with Jacob Williams from the MTV series Wild N’ Out

Wild N Out comedian, Jacob Williams, leading and sharing his experiences on an improv webinar hosted by BC.

Clarecca Hargis

Wild N’ Out comedian, Jacob Williams, leading and sharing his experiences on an improv webinar hosted by BC.

Clarecca Hargis, Reporter

American actor and MTV’s recurring comedian from the television series Wild N’ Out, Jacob Williams, led an improv workshop at Bakersfield College Friday, Jan 22.
Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the conference took place over Zoom and had an audience of approximately thirty to forty people. The crowd primarily participated in the messenger portion of the conference where they asked Williams questions about his experiences being an independent comedian. Williams asked his audience to unmute so he can feel like he was amusing a live crowd. Jacob Williams stated that Bakersfield College was a more spirited group amongst his previous zoom workshops. The comedic world in terms of financial stability may not be the absolute greatest, according to Williams. However, he is currently residing in New York City.
Growing up in Kentucky, Williams developed an outgoing personality where he found passion in making others laugh. “Noone is this awkward in real life,” Williams stated.
He started his career as a stand-up comedian in college and has pursued his comedy for the last thirteen years, according to Williams. He also has his degree in Psychology. Williams stated that he visited Bakersfield in the past where he performed at a Bob and Tom Allstars theater show. Williams also explained how he was unsure about how much longer he will be a part of the Wild N’ Out series.
Williams joked about his awkward appearance when he expressed his intimate life. Williams also joked and claimed that using gift cards on first dates is acceptable. He even vented that he met someone at a bar who tragically ended up leaving with her ex-boyfriend. He made references to the Marvel and DC comics as well as reviews of new movie releases. Williams explained that if he could go back in time before he watched the new “Wonder Woman 1984” movie, he would. Williams explained that he is not a high-energy person, but he did perform in a rap battle on season one of Wild n’ Out.
Williams spoke about how the pandemic has put a halt on his personal life. According to Williams, his last trip to a museum of illusions reflected on how alone he was. The illusions did not work because they were meant for groups of two or more people, he explained. Williams talked about his family’s views of his living situation in New York. Williams joked that the rats in New York have more living space. Williams also reveals that he is not very religious and grew up catholic. He joked that his previous roommates were a part of a cult, he was offended that no one ever tried to recruit him.
The Jacob Williams improv workshop ended with him doing a question and answer section.