Bakersfield College presents “Deep cuts and conversation” a webinar music in society

Clarecca Hargis, Reporter

The Levan event hosted this year’s second “Deep cuts and conversations” webinar for Bakersfield College on March 10. The event was hosted by Reggie Williams, Kris Tiner, and Josh Ottum. The discussion was focused on how music is associated with happy people and how different types of genres of music can determine someone’s positive thinking. 

Tiner opened the discussion by explaining to the audience how different types of genres in music have an association with happiness. In terms of being positive, he said, Jazz fans followed by metal fans were considered the happiest music listeners. In terms of positive thinking, music styles are known to bring out a person’s emotions. 

Williams explained how there is irony in the fact that metal fans are ranked highly on the perception of happiness. He discussed how metal music is anything but happy and has a dark theme, “How many metal songs are anything happiness related, the standard stock metal themes are death, suicide, war, famine, murder, drugs, and alcohol” he said. 

Tiner shared his input on how it is ritualistic to act out on violence by creating music based on one’s emotions. 

Tiner explained how different cultures have an appreciation towards music and in some traditions, there is a link between acting out violence with music and dance. He states that the cultures that have implemented these traditions are actually peaceful people and explains how there is a safe space with music where one can express themselves instead of committing crime or damage to others.

Ottum discusses New Orleans and how death is treated more as a spiritual party. He explains how in White American suburban culture, these people do not deal with death well. However, in certain cultures funerals are more like a send-off for their loved ones with music being a connection to life. Crystal Poggio gave her input stating, “I think that music, in general, is supposed to make you feel something. It resonates with some and not others depending on personal emotions or interests.”

Angry music can tend to bring people together according to Williams. People enjoy listening to music that is different, it creates solidarity. Ottum and Tiner both discuss how there is a trend with people enjoying the same type of music. Music from artists like Metallica and Dan Weiss was played during the session. 

The conversation ended with the host playing various types of jazz and metal music. The audience requested music to be played in the comment section of the webinar. The next and final “Deep cuts and conversion” discussion is set for mid-April.