The reopening of theme parks is planned to start in April

Riders racing on the Twisted Colossus rollercoaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Amaya Lawton, News Editor

Los Angeles and Orange counties are predicted to move away from the current substantial tier of COVID-19 restrictions within the next month,  which will allow the reopening of amusement parks. 

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) conducts weekly checks on Mondays to then be able to update the public and the county’s placement on the tiers. According to California for All website, Los Angeles County is in the substantial tier which allows outdoor operations. The chart provided by California for All website showed that each week Los Angeles County started to move away from tier one, the widespread tier, and entered into tier two which is substantial. At this rate, it can be seen that the county might continue to improve in order to open bigger parks such as Disneyland by late April. 

Once parks begin to reopen, the CDPH requires that there are only in-state visitors allowed and tickets can only be purchased online. Workers are also required to get tested through a program offered by the amusement park, California for All website stated. 

Disneyland has released its opening date on Instagram stating, that it is set for April 30. According to Disneyland News, the park is adopting a new system to maintain the required capacity that is set by the restrictions placed by the government to ensure social distancing.  Guests will have to purchase tickets in advance in order to enter the park. There will also be a limited number of tickets available due to social distancing requirements, Disneyland News stated. On Disneyland’s website, ticket options have been temporarily removed until the opening date is closer. This limits the early ticket purchases before the date approaches. 

Six Flags Magic Mountain is set to open on April 1, according to their Instagram page. On their website, one is allowed to purchase tickets and reserve their day spot with the days available. However, due to the CDPH, when purchasing a ticket one is now required to confirm that the attendees live in the state of California. 

As for Universal Studios, which is located in Los Angeles County, there has been nothing released on the reopening of the park.