Poet Ebony Stewart hosted a webinar for an 18+ audience


Clarecca Hargis

Poet Ebony Stewart hosted an 18+ webinar discussing the layers in a relationship

Clarecca Hargis, Reporter

BC presented “Let’s Talk About Sex” hosted by the poetic speaker Ebony Stewart on April 13.  Stewart has a background in English and Communication studies and taught sexual health to middle schoolers. During the webinar, she included a link in the chat that allowed the audience to ask her questions anonymously that were more specific to the topic of sex and relationships.

Stewart talked about her background growing up and how her parents did not have a very healthy relationship. She explained that her parent’s relationship was rocky, and their relationship did not set the best foundation for her relationships as she got older. Stewart said that her mother experienced abuse and trauma in her relationship, so Stewart thought that this abuse was normal. Stewart said that she thought that her parent’s relationship was just the way a normal relationship functioned. Stewart said that her upbringing made her into the strong and independent Black woman she is today. 

Stewart asked the audience their relationship goals. According to her, people learn different ways on how to be in a relationship from their parents. Stewart said that after her mother departed from her father, she was not in very healthy, strong, or good relationships. Stewart said that she saw her mother as a very independent individual due to her strength to leave relationships when they became toxic. She explained that some people are lucky to have parents that are in a healthy relationship because not a lot of people have good perspectives or outlooks on their parents being relationship goals. 

Stewart made some jokes on the discussion to make the topic of sex fun and exciting. She joked about how using a trash bag is not a form of contraceptive and will not prevent someone from contracting an STD. She said  that if there is a woman who will allow a man to use a plastic bag inside of her, that is not the girl for them. 

“If the bed is not sturdy it could break, but hopefully no one gets hurt. I am trained.” 

Stewart explained catcalling, which is a form of street flirting. She explained how most women experience catcalling in their life where men will publicly flirt with them to get their attention. According to Stewart, men do not experience catcalling from women the same as women do. She explained that some women are attracted to catcalling because they like that type of attention. 

Stewart talked about different pick-up lines and how certain people depending on their background will either be offended or see pick-up lines as flattering. Stewart said that this type of behavior is not only unhealthy, but it is also not right.

The webinar ended with Stewart answering questions that participants asked anonymously and she gave some personal feedback.