Former BC student, Marcos Rodriguez, now the new Executive Director of Facilities and Operations

Jaylene Collins, Reporter

Bakersfield College has welcome Marcos Rodriguez, a former BC student and adjunct professor, as the new Executive Director of Facilities and Operations on April 26.

Rodriguez said BC played a very fundamental role in his life and that he is excited to be back. Rodriguez said his years at BC as a student were some of the best he had on his academic journey. Additionally, he said his time at BC was very supportive and his instructors helped him move in the right direction.

“The Bakersfield College community filled the gaps that I arrived with, and to this day, I have reaped the benefits it afforded me many years ago,” he stated.

Now a part of the BC facility, Rodriguez’s goal is to continue BC’s great goals for the future. Of those is to ensure all students are able to thrive during their time at BC.

“From educational programming starting at the high school grade levels to the myriad of technical training programs, and formal degree objectives,” Rodriguez said. “The Maintenance & Operations Department, the Construction & Planning Department at the District Office, the Bakersfield College and District Administrative teams, and the direction of the Board of Trustees have the ultimate responsibility to provide a conducive environment for all students to thrive.”

As the new Executive Director of Facilities and Operations, Rodriguez will also be working to expand BC’s Measure J program. Measure J was passed in 2016 which gave BC funds to update campuses.

“Bakersfield College means a lot to this community, which is why the community invested in the future of BC and in higher education for Kern County when they voted Yes on Measure J back in 2016,” Rodriguez stated about the programs’ importance. “In only five short years since the passage of Measure J, the campus has already been transformed with the completion of the new Campus Center and the Vernon Valenzuela Veterans Resource Center. As students begin to gradually return to the physical campus in the summer and fall semesters, I can’t wait for them to see the new spaces we’ve built to facilitate their learning.”

Continuing on Measure J, Rodriguez said the Renegade Athletic Complex and the Science and Engineering Building will be completed by this year. A timeline of all construction planned under Measure J is available on the A Better BC website.

“It is with great pride and excitement that I return to Bakersfield College. With the Measure J bond in full swing, I wish that all projects affiliated with the College are built out according to plan and truly become the community’s pride wherever located,” Rodriguez said. “I hope that students return to their respective campuses in full attendance next year. The college is taking extensive steps to ensure all students, staff, and the community that safety and wellness remain a top priority.”